Visit Japan for Wheelchair user & Handicapped people

Travel to Yokohama & Kamakura for Wheelchair user & Handicapped people
Life Service Inc. , is a Kanagawa prefecture-based licensed nursing-care company specialized in providing sight-seeing tour services in special taxi, for foreign visitors using wheel-chairs as well as physically-challenged travellers; The tour will start at any place in Kanagawa according to your request and we will assist the passengers to visit Tokyo, Yokohama, Kamakura, Hakone, and Mt. Fuji.
Our taxi operation includes also assistance service to accompanied persons ; the taxi driver has nursing ?care experiences in major service center.
Taxi seating capacity; one wheel-chair passenger and 5 other passengers at maximum. For passengers having big baggage, our recommendation would be; one wheel-chair passenger and two other passengers for capacity reason.
We can also arrange a hotel reservation and charter a interpreter-guide at visiting place. Please feel free to ask us by email

Visit for Tokyo Visit Tokyo; stating at place in Kanagawa, according to your request (e.g. hotels in Yokohama, etc)

Marunouchi / Ginza / Nihonbashi / Akihabara / Imperial Palace / Imperial East Gardens / Yasukuni Shrine / Tsukiji Market / Hama Rikyu / Tokyo Dome City / Koishikawa Korakuen / Tsukishima or any other your requested place.
Visit for Yokohama City tours in Yokomana and in Kawasaki; starting at hotels in Yokomana

Minato Mirai 21 / Osanbashi Pier / Yamashita Park / Yamate and Motomachi / Yokohama Chinatown / Sankeien Garden / Ramen Museum / Cup Noodles Museum / Kirin Beer Village / Zoorasia / Hakkeijima Sea Paradise / Nihon Minkaen / Nihon Minkaen / Kawasaki Daishi ] or any other your requested place.
Visit for Kamakura Visit Kamakura; starting at hotels in Yokohama

Great Buddha / Tsurugaoka Hachimangu / Hase Temple / Kenchoji Temple / Engakuji Temple / Zeniarai Benten Zuisenji Temple / Jufukuji Temple / Jochiji Temple / Tokeiji Temple / Meigetsuin Temple / Ankokuronji Temple / Myohonji Temple / Enoshima or any other your requested place.
(This page is in Japanese only; examples of visiting to temples in Kamakura)⇒Kamakura barrier-free visiting spots
Visit for Hakone Visit for Hakone; starting at hotels in Yokohama

Hakone Hot Springs / Lake Ashi / Hakone Shrine / Old Tokaido / Detached Palace / Owakudani / Hakone Open Air Museum / Gora Park / Hakone Museum of Art / Hakone Tozan Railway / Botanical Garden / Pola Museum / Glass no Mori / Oyama or any other your requested place.
Visit for Mt Fuji Visit for Mt Fuji ; starting at hotels in Yokohama

Fuji Five Lakes / Hakone / Kawaguchiko 5th Station / Subashiri 5th Station / Gotemba 5th Station / Fujinomiya 5th Station / Oshinohakkai / Gotenba outlet or any other your requested place.